Senator Marjory LeBreton is now (not) your friend.

From Debates of the Senate (Hansard), April 9, 2008:

From Debates of the Senate (Hansard), April 9, 2008:

Hon. Yoine Goldstein: Honourable senators, my question is addressed to the Leader of the Government in the Senate, who spoke a few moments ago about some Canadians whose opinions are based on misinformation.

Is the leader aware that there is a Facebook page where over 40,000 Canadians have expressed their disapproval of this provision? Is the minister suggesting to this chamber and to Canada at large that 40,000 Canadians are misinformed?

Senator LeBreton: Honourable senators, I have been asked about Facebook before. I never look at Facebook because I do not understand the technology. I think the concept is dangerous.

Then again, maybe she’s holding out for Web 2.0.5., or whatever future version will fix the bug that leads to retroactively embarrassing wall posts by former staffers:

Senator Fraser: […] The minister seems to believe that Mr. Kroeker has not been promoted, but I think Mr. Kroeker believes he has been promoted. He has his own page in the institution known as Facebook. In the modern world, the minister may wish to inform herself about Facebook, but it is an Internet phenomenon whereby people post information about themselves.

Here is one thing Mr. Kroeker says about himself under the heading of work info:

Spent a great year with Marjory LeBreton, Leader of the Government in the Senate as her a parliamentary affairs adviser stirring up life in the Senate. Then after the January cabinet shuffle the Department of Foreign Affairs came calling and I accepted a promotion.

He goes on to say, MPs should take note:

I learned a lot from Marjory that I am applying to my job with Minister Guergis.

Would the minister care to comment?

Senator LeBreton: I always get a kick out of Senator Fraser lecturing me.

Senator Fraser: I study at your feet, minister.

Senator LeBreton: I am not into Facebook and I will never have a Facebook. I have been in politics since Mr. Diefenbaker’s days, and Parliament Hill is littered with people who have worked for me or with me over the last —

Senator Cowan: That is not litter.

Senator LeBreton: Including Senator Segal.

Through all the various positions I have had in the party and in the government, I hope that people have learned things from me. As for Mr. Kroeker’s Facebook, he obviously has authored that, so I cannot comment on something that I have no involvement in. (Debates of the Senate (Hansard), May 16, 2007)

Oh, and yes, there is a reason — and a very good one, even — why I’m devoting my Sunday night to perusing back issues of the Senate Hansard, but more about that later. Let’s just say that Peter Van Loan isn’t the only one who can declare a parliamentary theme week.