Sex, Free Speech, and Craigslist

The online classified website feels it has done enough to tone down its erotic section, and lashes out at those who ask for more

The online classifieds website Craigslist has bowed to pressure from US state attorney generals to take down its erotic services section, but the company says one lawmaker went to far, and now it is taking him to court. South Carolina’s attorney general, Henry McMaster, has written Craigslist threatening “criminal investigation and prosecution,” because of “offending material,” on the website.  He says the erotic services section led to the solicitation of prostitution and hosted pornography. The fact that erotic services has been replaced by a new, moderated “adult services” section has not changed McMaster’s mind.  Craisglist CEO Jim Buckmaster feels that his website is protected by a US law that says the website’s management is not responsible for what is posted by its users. The company is now suing McMaster, claiming that he has no right to threaten criminal prosecution.

The New York Times