Should the NHL go back to Quebec City?

Quebecor CEO hints at bringing back the Nordiques

Having lost out on his bid to buy the Montreal Canadiens, Quebecor CEO Pierre-Karl Péladeau appears to be turning his attention to reviving the Quebec Nordiques. In his best impersonation of Jim Balsillie, Péladeau said Quebec City is a much more committed hockey city “than certain American cities with NHL teams,” adding that the Quebec capital would need to build a new arena to replace the outmoded former home of the Nordiques, the Colisée. “But it won’t [happen] tomorrow,” Péladeau said. “[We’ll] have to be patient.” Former Nordiques coach Michel Bergeron and former Canadiens coach Jean Perron have both endorsed the idea, though Perron suggested Péladeau would likely need to come up with “$300 million at the very least” if he hopes to have a new NHL-quality rink built.

London Free Press

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