So What?!

I cannot stand this self-serving exit tour by George W. Bush much longer. Last week, when Bush was asked about his decision to engage in Iraq without conclusive evidence there were WMDs in stashed in the country, he answered,  “So what?” It echoed Dick Cheney’s answer to a question earlier this year about his authorization of torture in the course of interrogations, to which vice-president had replied with a terse, “So?” How insensitive to the many who have died because of their decisions.

Bush-Cheney will arguably go down as the most ideological administration in US history. It is certainly leaving a mess for the next administration: a deep recession, a financial meltdown, and two unfinished wars. And who will ever forget their disastrous response to Hurricane Katrina, which has come to define their legacy. When I saw the shoe flying during the Baghdad press conference last Sunday, I felt like saying, “So what?” And I believe 80 per cent of Americans feel the same way. End the tour already, Dubya, and just go!

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