Soaking the Public

It took an American to finally make the obvious comparison: If private political financing is good enough for a liberal like Obama, why isn’t it good enough for Canada’s left-wing parties? As Mary O’Grady suggests, could it be that Obama has more in common with the Conservatives than he does with the coalition?


Meanwhile, liberals in the US are growing increasingly concerned at the lack of true lefties in Obama’s cabinet and policy-making team. 

“He has confirmed what our suspicions were by surrounding himself with a centrist to right cabinet. But we do hope that before it’s all over we can get at least one authentic progressive appointment,” said Tim Carpenter, national director of the Progressive Democrats of America.

This actually doesn’t surprise me. Obama did the same thing when he became head of the Harvard Review. Instead of using his position to appoint supposed ideological soul-mates, he stiffed some of his closest friends and started hanging out withcampus libertarians.

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