Some honourable members: Hear! Hear!

As anyone with the dubious fortune of being in my presence last night can confirm, I had a few things to say about comments made by a certain secretary of state on the testimony delivered by a certain retired general on Canada’s abandonment of Omar Khadr before the Subcommittee on International Human Rights, what with being there and all. (Note how, in my version of events, that exchange was pretty clearly found to be So Not The Point, as far as the actual issue under discussion.)

In fact, I was all set to post a slightly sanitized version of the rant that I delivered to all and sundry within earshot last night – this is, after all, a family-friendly website, except for that Feschuk character – but it turns out that I don’t have to do a thing, because my awesome colleagues have pretty much said it all.

That doesn’t mean I won’t leap into the fray at a later point – especially if there is any suggestion that the senator might be sanctioned by his caucus for his remarks. Which I very much doubt will happen, what with the Liberals not being completely and utterly incapable of recognizing such blatant torqueing of his words by that aforementioned secretary of state. (You hear that, Liberals? Don’t make me break out the strikeout text to edit the previous sentence.) But for now, I have a very patient Boston Terrier to walk, and committees to round up, so check out Aaron Wherry and Chris “Megapundit” Selley, and imagine me nodding in furious agreement.

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