Something new on Galloway

I direct you to Terry Glavin’s blog, where he has a long piece arguing that the real story behind the Galloway affair is not about national security versus free speech, or even left versus right, but, rather, a colonisation of the left but something new and more sinister. He blames the media for not noticing, but I’ll link to him anyway. After all, he manages to wring a bit of a climb-down from Hitchens along the way:

Something wholly new is emerging in Canada, in all the spaces where the Left used to be, in its activist constituencies, its traditional institutions, and its lexicon. Whatever name you want to give the thing, its noticeable features include a betrayal of progressive internationalism, a pathetic weakness for conspiracy theories, and a routine apologetics for antisemitism and terror. Its outlook is generally parochial, but its global engagements tend to align with fascism’s contemporary Islamist variants, even to the point of objective support for the Taliban.


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