Spring cleaning

Police arrest nearly every member of the Hells Angels in Quebec

Police in Quebec completed the second part of the spring cleaning they started in 2001 yesterday, arresting nearly every remaining member of the Hells Angels left in the province. In all, 1,200 SQ officers, with help from local police forces, fanned out across Quebec, New Brunswick, and even France and the Dominican Republic, to round up 156 suspects beginning early Wednesday morning. Among those, 111 are “full patch” members of the Hells Angels (of 113 total members in Quebec), four are prospects, one is described as a “hang-around,” 11 are retired members and 29 others are associates of the biker gang. Police hope the arrests will close investigations into 22 murders dating back to the biker war that raged between 1994 and 2000, as well as a variety of other crimes committed over the past two decades.

La Voix de l’Est