Steve Nash on Terry Fox

Maclean’s archives: Steve Nash talks about his personal hero

From the archives — an interview shot at the Toronto Film Festival in 2010: 

Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope is so ingrained in Canadian culture that it’s hard to believe there could be any aspect of the story left to tell. But don’t dismiss Into the Wind, the new documentary on Fox by Phoenix Sun’s point guard Steve Nash and his filmmaker cousin Ezra Holland.  The documentary, set to air on television as part of ESPN’s 30 for 30 program, goes far beyond what most Canadians know about the icon. Through archival footage, new interviews with  Fox’s friends and family members, and complete access to his daily journals, the film goes deeper and explores the fights, anger and the personal struggles he had to overcome, bringing life to the bronze statue, humanizing the legend and proving the man was even more of a hero by showing him as the ordinary and sometimes frail person he was. It sounds cliche, but it’s hard to watch the film without welling up a little. Nash and Holland sat down with Maclean’s to discuss their personal hero, making the movie, and why they feel the story needs to be told today.

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