Swine Flu attacks summer camps

Cases may be dropping off, but some areas still need to stay on alert

Swine flu cases are dropping off with the warmer weather, yet it’s now causing outbreaks in summer camps, just like it did in schools, US officials told the New York Times. Camp administrators have been told to watch out for sick kids, who should stay home for a week or until 24 hours after symptoms are gone. Camps in Georgia, California, and North Carolina have all reported probable swine flu cases; so far, the illness has hospitalized 1,600 Americans, mostly young, and killed 44 people. It’s most persistent in the Northeast. It’s not just summer camps where flu is spreading; hospitals and clinics also aren’t doing enough to prevent it, the CDC said, noting that patients with swine flu aren’t being identified quickly enough, and that hospital staff still aren’t wearing masks often enough to protect themselves.

The New York Times