Tale of the Tape: James Moore dares call it conspiracy!

… Well, sort of. He’s asking questions, not making statements. Full text – and commentary – after the jump:


OTTAWA – Today Conservative MP James Moore demands that the Liberal Party explain its total involvement with author Tom Zytaruk and publisher Harbour Publishing after forensic analysis filed in Ontario Superior Court yesterday showed doctoring of a taped conversation between Zytaruk and Stephen Harper.

“The Liberal Party’s line on the Cadman Affair has been contradicted by Chuck Cadman, the RCMP and expert forensic analysts,” said Moore. “The tables have now turned and it’s now time for the Liberal Party to explain its total involvement in aggressively pushing the Cadman Affair both inside and outside the House of Commons.”

The Liberals must answer the following questions:

  1. The Liberal Party (Paul Martin) received an advance copy of Tom Zyaturk’s Like a Rock The Chuck Cadman Story. When did Mr. Martin receive his advance copy and with whom in the Liberal Party did he share it?
  2. Like a Rock: The Chuck Cadman Story was scheduled to be released on March 17, 2008 but was leaked on February 27, 2008 Did any Liberals – including agents for the party or family members of senior staff – work with Harbour Publishing to promote the book’s contents in advance of its official release date?
  3. The Liberal Party has used this tape to smear the Prime Minister, despite the fact the Prime Minister has denied the accusations and has maintained the tape was edited? When did the Liberal Party obtain the doctored tape? From whom did they receive it? Who in the Party received it?
  4. From the beginning the Liberal Party has accepted Zytaruk’s transcript and tape at face value. What has been their total involvement in dealing with Tom Zytaruk?
  5. Independent expert forensic analysis demonstrates that the Zytaruk recording is both “incomplete”, “doctored” and “edited” in numerous parts. Why didn’t the Liberal Party make sure the tape was authentic? Was the Liberal Party aware of – or involved with – the doctoring of the Zytaruk tape?

“Given all that has occurred and the chain of events the Liberal Party owes Canadians a complete and honest explanation of its total involvement in the Cadman Affair” said Moore. “Stephane Dion must assure Canadians that the Liberal Party and his office acted appropriately.”

I can’t help but notice that the most incendiary claim of “doctoring” — that the question on the insurance policy was “never asked” — is conspicuous by its absence. For those of you keeping score, Dimitri Soudas – the PM’s press secretary – is still the only person willing to go on the record with that claim. (I’ll have more thoughts on that a little later today.)  Moore does target Zytaruk directly, which he wasn’t willing to do at yesterday’s press conference.

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