The baby brides of Bountiful aren't just going to free themselves.

Never let it be said that this is not a blog of its word.

By calling on the Conservatives to take their trademark “tough on crime” approach to the streets of Bountiful, the idyllic British Columbia home of Canada’s most notorious clan of breakaway Mormon polygamists, the NDP’s Dawn Black has earned her party a temporary dispensation from caring about the in and out scandal – at least, as far as Inside the Queensway is concerned.

If anyone can embarrass Ottawa into “doing something” about Bountiful, it’s Dawn Black. She was, after all, the first MP to hold the government to account on the treatment of Afghan detainees, and even if her plea falls on selectively deaf ears at Justice, it’s reassuring to know that someone is willing to speak up for the child brides and lost boys.

(The ITQ amnesty does not, however, extend to any action that would block an attempt by the other opposition parties to investigate I/O — like, say, voting with the government in order to prevent angry Conservative ex-candidates from going before the Procedure and House Affairs committee. Just so we’re clear.)

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