The best of ‘binders of women’

Twitter replies to Romney reply feature Big Bird, Texts from Hillary and McKayla Maroney

The best of ‘binders of women’

‘Can’t we find women women that are also qualified?’ As Mitt Romney explained last night, he asked that question when he was governor of Massachusetts. The answer? Binders of women:

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Here’s Romney’s reply to a townhall question on pay equity:
Mitt Romney recounts his "binder" of women anecdotecnn
Mitt Romney still won’t say whether he’d stand up for equal pay, but he did tell us he has “binders full of women.” http://OFA.BO/LMVWmZBarack Obama
A sampling of response from the Twitterverse: 
“Mmmmmmmm. Binders” – Bill Clinton. #bindersfullofwomen Bird
Sadly, my binders are full of clones, not women. #debatesDarth Vader
Big bird holds that binder full of women akass
When I was a bachelor I had a ‘little black book’ ~ not to be outdone, #Romney had binders full of women before age of Droid and iPhone. arman walker
My favourite pic so far following Romney’s Binders full of women gaffe: Bradley
Binders full of women cost 77 cents, while binders full of men cost $1.Ryan Teague Beckwith
RT @Romneys_Binder: Even Tobias and Gob have their own binders. Dennis
RT @owillis: romney binders now at peak meme Graham
DAMN! Why did I reveal my Binders Full of Women? This great truth of my faith was to remain secret Olbermann
RT @Romneys_Binder: My Women In Binders policy is already being greeted with open arms in the international community. Dominowski
BREAKING NEWS: #ZZTop releases new single: Binders Full of Women. #BindersFullofWomen #FOK @KeithOlbermann @BillMaher Pizza
Hefner’s got more binders full of women
Mitt Romney’s fumbling attempt to appeal to women> patronising & out of touch> "binders full of women"
At tonight’s debate, Mitt Romney said he had "binders full of women." We found one: Democrats
“@Romneys_Binder: This is one (of the 73) binders of women that I have.”—lmaooooorasheedanicholson
Binders full of women? #mckaylaisnotimpressed #debate #prezd2012 Belinsky
I wish I had binders full of women.Joel
"Binders full of women", as seen by Hillary Clinton Brès
The funniest "Binder" joke I’ve seen lmao!! #debates

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