The Future is Uncertain

In the dead of winter 2008, while I was working late at the Ottawa Citizen office, some anonymous workmen came in, took down the the plaques that featured the Canwest logo and mission statement, and hammered up some new ones with a new logo that looked like a lopsided honeycomb. The next day, we were issued a package of bumf explaining the logo and how it fit in with the company’s corporate strategy:

The new logo was inspired by the honeycomb, considered revolutionary in the engineering world as the design allowed structures to be much stronger than they would otherwise be.,, The green hexagons, which highlight the letter “C” angle outwards – pointing towards the future, showing reach, extension and expansion.

Canwest has been rebranded Postmedia, and they launched their new logo this morning. Here’s how Paul Godfrey explains it:

“We wanted something that was bold and dynamic. Something that exemplifies a first to the future view,” said Paul Godfrey, president and chief executive of Postmedia Network.

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