The very latest on that 7,000-ton space rock that fell to Earth

From the morning papers, here’s the latest on the meteor that left some 1,200 people injured in Chelybinsk, Russia:

1. The AFP reports that Russian divers have had no luck trying to locate the 7,000-ton space rock. Fishermen had identified an eight-metre-wide hole in the frozen surface of Lake Chebarkul. Officials have called off the search to focus on repairs in the area.

2. While the official search has been diverted, meteor hunters are on the trail. The Australian Broadcasting Corportation reports that several Russian websites feature ads offering up to $10,000 for a piece of the space rock.

3. Five thousand buildings are said to have been damaged by the meteor. The AFP reports that some 24,000 emergency workers are helping to replace “200,000 square metres” of smashed windows. The governor of the region puts damage at about $33 million.

4. NASA suggests the meteor exploded with the force of 500 kilotons of TNT.

5. Forty people remain in hospital, two in serious condition, the Rossiya Channel reports.