The opposition and beer

The Brewers Association of Canada held a beer tasting party at the Métropolitain Brasserie & Restaurant for the opposition parties. Liberal MPs Wayne Easter and Ken Boshcoff chatted and then…

…bonded with OLO staffer Sabina Saini


Toronto Liberal MP Mario Silva’s aide Alex Maheu was busy doing “research.”

André Fortin (left) with Ian Faris and Luke Harford of the Brewers Association of Canada.

Fortin with Ferg Devins of Molson (left) and Joel Levesque of Moosehead.

Free beer meant even Bloc MPs like Louis Plamondon (left) and Roger Gaudet were willing to stay on Ontario soil for even longer than they have to.

Liberal media man Jean-François del Torchio and Belinda Stronach’s aide Greg MacEachern clink.

NDP media person Gaby Senay with her brother Deny.

Gaby with NDP MP Yvon Godin.

Manning Centre fellow Stephen Taylor, of, and Caroline Séguin of the NAC.

Food included chicken skewers stuck in eggplants. Points for presentation!


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