The Queen’s in town but Canadians are lukewarm on monarchy

A national survey reveals we’re not a nation of monarchists

Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Canada this week coincides with a new national survey that reveals that this population has lukewarm feelings about the concept of monarchy. In a new, word-association sampling of Canadian opinion on subjects ranging from ideology and governance to culture and religion, the survey of 1,500 people by the Association for Canadian Studies found words such as “monarchy,” “capitalism” and “socialism,” had a lukewarm response, while a powerfully positive response came for terms such as “family values,” “equality” and “multiculturalism.” There was a distinctly negative reaction to “left-wing,” “right-wing,” “separatism” and “Islam.” Overall, about 49 per cent of Canadians had a negative reaction to the word “monarchy” with just 41 per cent positive. This result was influenced by the overwhelming distaste for the term in Quebec, where respondents were 69 per cent against the concept, compared to 17 per cent in favour. ACS director Jack Jedwab said, “In an age when words matter and we need to use words carefully, this gives a lot of insight into what resonates and what doesn’t.”

Montreal Gazette

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