TMZ: Family worried that Jackson’s final dose of Demerol was ‘too much’

King of Pop reportedly suffered from an increasing addiction to painkiller

Police in Los Angeles are reportedly trying to find a doctor who is said to have injected Michael Jackson with Demerol, a painkiller similar to Morphine, before the pop star died of cardiac arrest. According to TMZ, a Jackson family member said the pop star received a daily shot of Demerol and family members were worried the final dose may have been “too much.” Reports suggest Jackson had developed an increasing dependence on painkillers in the lead-up to his comeback tour. The Jackson family’s lawyer, Brian Oxman, told reporters he had been “very critical of the use of pain medications” in the past. Oxman traced Jackson’s use of painkillers back to injuries suffered several years ago, most notably the ill-fated Pepsi commercial shoot during which Jackson’s hair caught fire. Jackson used them “to treat actual pains he’s had,” Oxman said, “but the use of these medications I felt had become life threatening.”


The Sun

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