Tories in hot water over novelty cheques

Opposition MPs criticize the government for putting Conservative party logo on cheques

Oversized novelty cheques in hand, Conservative MPs have come to love bragging about the stimulus money they’re spreading around Canada. But while the funds are from the federal government, you might have a hard time knowing as much based on the attendant photo ops. Take Gerald Keddy, for example. Last month the Conservative MP from Nova Scotia was pictured handing over a $300,000 cheque with a Conservative party logo on it to officials in Chester, N.S. for upgrades to the local rink. When asked why a government cheque didn’t come with a government logo, Keddy was quick to pass the buck, saying “I didn’t order it, it wasn’t me. I’m not sure how that happened.” NDP MP Peter Stoffer, for one, is eager to that out, saying he plans to pursue the matter with the federal ethics commissioner. “I think they’ve broken every rule in the book in this regard,” Stoffer says.

Cape Breton Post

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