Unemployment reaches 13% for Canadian youth

Unemployment amongst Canada’s youth is way above the national average according to the latest Statistics Canada data, the Canadian Press reports.

Thirteen per cent of youth are currently unemployed, compared to 7.3 per cent of the general population.

However, this is actually good news when comparing Canada to other industrialized nations. Canadians aged 15-29 are more likely than their counterparts in other G7 countries to be either working or studying. Only Germany has a lower NEET rate–meaning the proportion of youth who are not in education, employment or training—at 11.8 per cent.

And another bit of good news from the report:

…Canada is faring extremely well. Only 55,000 young people — or one per cent of the country’s entire youth population — said they had been seeking work for more than six months, giving Canada the lowest rate of long-term unemployed youth in the G7.