Update to the ITQ Committee Roundup Thingy - In camera licious Tuesday

For Monday’s roundup – which includes all meetings not updated/added within the last 24 hours – click here.

Really, it seems like everything is happening behind closed doors today – but don’t worry, that doesn’t (necessarily) mean that sneakiness is afoot; it’s pretty normal at this time of year, what with the session rolling gently to a close. Or, alternately, careening wildly towards a spectacularly gory finale. It all ends the same way — with a flurry of reports, recommendations and last minute tweaks to proposed legislation.

There are a few committees meeting in public, of course — Public Accounts, for one, which is looking into how well the government – particularly National Defence – manages sensitive information when contracting work out to the private sector. The committee wants to know how blueprints for the department’s counterterrorism unit headquarters wound up in the trash on a busy Ottawa street.

Meanwhile, over at Ethics, the on-again off-again debate over an opposition-backed motion to hold hearings on the Conservative in and out election advertising scheme is on again, and will happen sometime this afternoon – we just don’t know whether the battle will get underway before or after members hear from the Canadian Bar Association on privacy reform.

In other news:

  • The nameless bureaucrats summoned to appear before the Industry committee to discuss Canadian science and technology now have names, according to the latest notice.
  • Transport investigates the state of Canada’s waterways – specifically, “navigation protection” – and entertains a mystery motion from the always entertaining – and occasionally mysterious – Joe Volpe.
  • Veterans Affairs hears from yet another country that probably has far better services available for its former soldier, courtesy of Australian High Commissioner Bill Fisher.


Oh, this should be fun – at the Legislative Committee on C-20, Quebec Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Benoit Pelletier will tell the Prime Minister exactly what he – and his juicy, vote-laden province – thinks about his plan to tinker with the Senate without going through the trouble of reopening the constitution.


  • Seriously? Reclusive Independent MP and part-time radio host Guy Andre has a private members bill? On the use of phosphorus, of all things? Have fun with that, Environment committee!
  • After at least half a dozen minifilibusters during its last stint in the House, the Tsawwassen First Nation Final Agreement finally goes to Aboriginal Affairs
  • Canadian Expeditionary Forces Commander Michel Gauthier talks to the Special Committee on Canada’s Mission in Afghanistan

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