Violence erupts during Montreal anti-police brutality protest

Protestors gathered to denounce police shooting that killed innocent bystander

An anti-police brutality protest in Montreal turned violent on Wednesday night, after protesters began hurling debris, smashing windows and splattering buildings and at least one bystander with pink paint. About 200 protesters gathered to march to the site where two people, including an innocent bystander, were killed by police officers on Tuesday. Many of the protesters wore black, with bandanas to conceal their faces. Police in riot gear dispersed the crowd. One demonstrator, who went by the name Nico Block, said the property damage was warranted. “This is the kind of demonstration that is costly and embarrassing for the city and that’s a good thing,” said Block. “Sometimes the cost of slaughtering people has to be manifest[ed] in a way that has an actual palpable cost for the city.” The Sûreté du Québec has launched an investigation into Tuesday’s shooting.

CBC News