Wait, there are rumours circulating that have nothing to do with Guy Giorno and the coming purge at PMO?


And yes, it’s true: Michael Byers is planning to run for the federal NDP nomination in Vancouver Centre, currently held by Hedy Fry. From an email he sent out earlier today:

I’ve decided to run because of my growing concerns about the lack of Canadian leadership on critical issues such as climate change, the war in Afghanistan, health care, housing and human rights.

I’ve studied the various federal party policies on climate change. The NDP policy makes the most sense. And it respects individual citizens. The Liberals want to force Canadians to change their behaviour through taxes; the NDP wants to help Canadians to change with solutions.

We need real political leadership, with bold and effective public policy, and Jack Layton is the only one in Canada offering that.

Michael Byers
Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law
University of British Columbia

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