Wake me up when it’s — what’s the opposite of ‘over’?

9:55 p.m.
Yes, I’m still here and still planning on liveblogging the results, although I’ve heard an ugly rumour that it may be 2am before we know what the results are in Desnethé–Missinippi–Churchill River, which I am hereby nicknaming DMCR for the duration, since I just can’t type that out every time I want to talk Saskatchewan. Frankly, typing ‘Saskatchewan’ is enough of a fingertrap. (Note: That wasn’t an anti-Western slur; we have plenty of ridiculous riding names here in Upper Canada, and don’t even get me started on Quebec.)

For the record, I’ve been watching the CTV NewsNet pre-show — and man, if I never have to listen to Scott Reid and Brad Lavigne bicker over whose vote the Greens are poaching again, I’ll be one happy liveblogger. Now that the results are finally going to start coming in, I’ll be flipping between CTV, Newsworld and CPAC, if I remember. Oh, and cruising the intrawebs, of course. I’m going to try to keep this to just a few posts, with updates at the bottom instead of the top, in order to keep from flooding RSS readers or, worse yet, Twitter. Now, however, I’m going to go stock up on Diet Coke, make sure I’ve got a spare datesquare in case I need a post-midnight snack, and get ready to liveblog the night away.

Man, I need a life in the worst way.

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