Want to be the voice of NPR? They’re hiring.

And you’ll get to say, ’This is NPR’ every day.

NPR is hiring.

The American media organization that syndicates 900 public radio stations across the country is looking for for someone to be the “voice of NPR”.

“You’ll record all of NPR’s ‘support for this program comes from’ announcements in our national programs, and edit/produce/traffic them though our system,’ says the job posting.”

What’s more: “Heard by millions of people each week, you’ll get to say, ‘This is NPR’ each day.”

Interested parties should have “a voice that’s clear, confident, and welcoming.”

You will also need a Bachelor’s Degree (“or equivalent combination of education and experience.”)

Your chances to secure the position, which is based in Washington D.C., will be greatly increased if you possess the “ability to sound authentic on the radio” but be warned: “we’re not looking for ‘the voice of god.'”

Applications must include a cover letter and a demo recording of two sample scripts.

For the complete summary of the job, its duties and the qualifications that NPR is looking for, see the full posting here.