We join this committee just before the good stuff

3:26:52 PM

3:26:52 PM
So I’ll warn you right now that this might be a very interrupted livebloggening: I’m at Ethics, eagerly awaiting the debate on Charles Hubbard’s motion to investigate the Conservative in-and-out campaign spending scheme—but that’s not scheduled to get underway until after the committee hears from two witnesses from Corrections Canada, who are here to talk about privacy reform.

3:30:22 PM
Okay, my fear that David Tilson would hijack the meeting with a Point of Petulance appears to have been unfounded. He’s not even here, which means that the first round of testimony can go ahead as scheduled, which means I’m going to sneak out for a half hour or so, and come back for the second hour.

I should point out that the members of the Ethics committee have been all over the ongoing opposition day debate over changing the Code of Conduct—I think every one of the permanent members has gotten up in the House today to speak to the motion; opposition members in favour, and David Tilson against it.

Amazingly, at one point he suggested that the matter should go to committee, rather than be decided by the House of Commons. This, after he and his party attempted to scuttle the committee’s attempt to do just that.

3:39:26 PM
Sunshine break. I’ll be back in time for the fun!