We still love our gas guzzlers

Auto sales have picked up, the big winners are‹you guessed it—pickups

Remember all that brave talk about fuel efficiency? How governments were going to use their regulatory powers and financial clout over a collapsing auto sector to cure our addiction to size and horsepower? Well, so much for that. Canada’s auto guru, Dennis DesRosiers, has released annual sales figures showing big, fat pickup trucks—the Dodge Ram, the Chevy Silverado and the Ford F-Series—counted among the top-selling vehicles last month compared to February 2009. The Volkswagen Golf did pretty well too, as did the Honda CR-V. But to DesRosiers, the message is clear: “Government regulations are targeted at the car manufacturers, not the consumer. And as witnessed in the first two months of this year, if consumers want a less fuel efficient vehicle, they will find a way to buy it.”

Vancouver Sun