What To Look For On Tuesday

Polls are still streaming out, but it is fair to assume that Obama is entering the last 48 hours of the campaign in the strongest position possible. People want change; the electorate is pessimistic and highly dissatisfied with the Republican policies of the past 8 years. With the economy in recession, Obama has a double digit lead over McCain in handling the economy.

We have all known for months that this election would be settled in some key battleground states. Most Republican-held battleground states are up for grabs and Obama is leading in nearly every one of them. As for the Democrat-held battleground states, McCain is trailing badly–and has been months–in several of them.

It is my belief that the Eastern time zone will reveal who will be president. Watch New Hampshire: although it went Democratic in 2004, it has always been kind to McCain. But now, it is leaning heavily toward Obama on the eve of the election. If it stays Obama, then McCain’s comeback narrative takes a beating. Then watch Pennsylvania, which is Democratic with tightening polls. If Obama wins there, we know that the Democratic contender will hold on to Kerry’s score in 2004. Finally, watch Virginia. The last time it went Democratic was 1964. If it goes to Obama this time, he wins the election.

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