What, you couldn’t figure out a way to blame John Baird for this one?

NDP MP Paul Dewar is So Not Impressed by — oh, I’m going to journalistic Hell for this one — NoWatergate:

Question: What’s going on in your riding, that your riding can’t provide (inaudible)[uh, I’m going to guess … “water”? -ITQ]

Paul Dewar: You know, I’m going to have to talk to our mayor and
see what his plumbing credentials are. This has never happened as far
as I know in, in Parliament. I think that many people are concerned
about, about our city and making sure that Ottawa is able to provide
the basic. So I’ll look into this and get back to my constituents as
soon as possible. City Hall is just down the way and I haven’t had a
chance to call them yet. But maybe this is an indication of the, the
deficit and the debt for infrastructure of $123 billion. And so, I’ll
talk to our, our mayor first and then maybe get back to some of the
Ministers in this cabinet to maybe suggest we need some investment in
our infrastructure here.

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