When are North American cars not really North American?

Autoworkers clash with GM over its plan to import cars from China

According to Canadian Auto Workers president Ken Lewenza, in order for the federal and provincial governments to “maximize their return from GM and Chrysler and possibly Ford,” limits should be imposed on the number of cars the automakers can import into Canada. GM recently revealed to the U.S. Congress that it plans to start importing small cars from China beginning in 2011 as part of its plan to become profitable again. The union representing its workers has long complained that manufacturers in countries like South Korea and China are protected by national trade barriers that prevent Canadian-made cars from being sold there. But GM’s plan to import small cars threatens to derail critical negotiations aimed at reducing production costs between the union and the automaker. GM must reach a deal with its workers by June 1 to qualify for billions in government aid from governments on both sides of the border.

Toronto Star

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