When Vince Vaughn made Gretzky bleed

The best hockey scenes in movies not about hockey, chosen by Americans

In honour of the Stanley Cup playoffs, has compiled a top-10 list of hockey scenes in non-hockey movies. Inevitably a couple involve psychos in goalie masks, notably Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles—featuring Canada’s Elias Koteas as a high-sticking Casey Jones—and Friday the 13th Part III, in which Jason finally figures out a better disguise than putting a bag over his head. But the best clip shows a manic Vince Vaughn playing an NHL video game in Swingers, and making good on his promise to “bitch-slap” Wayne Gretzky until his head bleeds. The Americans always did appreciate the finer points of our game. (Note: scroll to the bottom of the web page to mute the pop-up video commercial.)