Woulda been a heck of an election campaign

Liberals, Tories still virtually tied after parliamentary standoff

In an alternate universe where Canadians are just a day away from being plunged into a snap summer election campaign, the Liberals would be heading into the race with just the barest of leads over the governing Conservatives, according to the latest EKOS/CBC weekly tracking poll. The latest numbers give the Grits 33.7% support – down just over 2% from April – to the Tories’ 32.4%, and the NDP up nearly a point with 16.3%. According to EKOS pollster Frank Graves, a July election would have been “a risky bet” for all concerned — at the moment, neither party has sufficient strength to ensure even a minority victory, with a majority still far outside the realm of polling probability. “”It would be a crapshoot right now over who would win.”

CBC News

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