Would’st thou read riddles, and their explanation?

This week’s print edition of Maclean’s, already on sale in large Ontario cities and swiftly being carted to other points on the compass, features what is quickly becoming a house tradition: The Inside Story, a 36-page account of the recent election unpleasantness, under my signature. An expanded column, really an essay, by Andrew Coyne on the meaning of it all, caps our coverage. We will soon have excerpts from my piece, which we referred to in-house as the Thumper or the Opus, online. We will also soon tell readers all about the advantages of subscribing to the Maclean’s Digital Edition, which gives you electronic access to each issue of Maclean’s, in nifty full-screen page-turnable electronic format, as soon as each issue is published. I subscribed while we were living in Paris, and the issue you see above arrived in my emailbox about 20 minutes ago.

It’s a huge pleasure to be able to work on these big sprawling narratives whenever Canadian politics reaches a turning point. The best part is getting a chance to work in close collaboration with more than a dozen colleagues. I started my career at the Montreal Gazette, where when really big news broke, all hands were expected to pitch in and contribute reporting to a main writethrough. One harried reporter would be assigned to do the writing, while files came hurtling in from all over. The goal would be to make sense of this avalanche of data. The Gazette never did better work, while I was there, than in those big narratives cooked up hard on deadline. At Maclean’s, we are all trying to get better at it every time we get to bat. I would list the colleagues who contributed to this one, but really it’s most of the staff, and they’ll be hearing from me directly, and in the meantime we hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve come up with.

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