You've got mail: Olympic tickets have arrived!

ticketsBe careful what you wish for, the saying goes. Remember all those Olympic tickets you ordered way back when the country was still prosperous, the future was as bright as a new toonie and you had a job? Gosh, that seems like it was just yesterday. In fact, it was just five weeks ago.

And now, the bill comes due! That email that just arrived today from the Vancouver Organizing Committee is to notify you of ALL the tickets you have been allowed to purchase. All you have to do is log onto your ticket account here  and,  Gulp!, you will discover you’re on the hook for thousands. Or maybe hundreds. Or maybe just the biathlon. But, hey, the biathlon is cool—or hot, judging by their very tasteful nude calendar. (This plug was not sponsored by the NRA.)

AND AS AN ADDED BONUS, if you  have any money left you fortunate few, you get a “priority access period” to buy even more tickets, starting Friday, Dec. 12 at 9 a.m. (Pacific Time).  As for the rest of us, those who didn’t pre-order tickets won’t get a chance to buy the leftovers until mid-2009. 

And what’s left? Well, more than you might think:

“While demand for the majority of sports meant that many sessions were allocated by lottery, there are still tickets remaining, including tickets to preliminary sessions for high-demand sports such as ice hockey and curling,” says VANOC.

Granted, these won’t be for the gold medal games, but for the dedicated fan any Olympic game is a thrill a minute. Yes, I mean you, you crazy, crazy curling nuts! Rock on.

OK, here’s your chance to vent. Tell me how you fared. Did you get all the tickets you wished for? Half the tickets. Did you strike out? Are you happy with the lottery results? Let us know.

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