Zimmer and Sensenberger face the press: ‘People need to get lives’

Senator Rod Zimmer and his wife appear on CTV's Power Play.

Power Play landed an interview with Ottawa’s water-cooler couple on Tuesday night’s show.

“You guys had a lot of drama in your life this summer,” Don Martin said at the start of his interview with Senator Rod Zimmer and his wife, Maygan Sensenberger. “I don’t want to talk about that too much.”

Instead, they got down to details.

Martin to Sensenberger: “You’re now doing what a movie? … Acting?”

Sensenberger: “I’ve been cast in the lead role of a short film. … The title’s kind of pending right now as First Ladies, but pretty much I play the grand mother — equivalent to the prime minister — head of state of North America who’s in the process of establishing world peace with an all-female government.”

Martin: “All right. Is this going to be a made-for-television movie, or is it actually somethin’ that goes in theatres?”

Sensenberger went on to explain that the eight-minute short film will be shown at an upcoming film festival.

Zimmer said he’s delighted with his wife’s role. “One hundred per cent support,” he says. “One hundred per cent.”

Senator Zimmer went on, “I always say when she walks in a room — either fashion or the movies, I call Ontario Hydro — Tell them to turn the power off. Because she brightens up the whole room. She’s my hero.”

The couple went on to talk about that incident on the airplane this summer —  “a non-issue,” Zimmer said.

The discussion takes place around two minutes into the interview.

“People need to get lives,” Sensenberger said of the reaction to the story.



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