Student Finance 101: High School

Student Finance 101: High School


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Student debt smarts

Top three dangers of student debt
Why borrow from the government?
What’s it going to cost? The lowdown on your Canada Student Loan (CSL)
The slippery slope: how student debt adds up
Making borrowing make sense: one student’s story
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How to make the best of your education

How to identify your post-secondary goals
Get what you paid for at university
Why the value of a degree is eroding
Investing in education is riskier than you might think
Education vs. healthcare

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How families can save for education

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Maclean’s 18th annual university rankings
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Maclean’s second annual ranking of law schools


The Freshman
Scott Dobson-Mitchell on his first year of university
Rybak’s Rules
Author Jeff Rybak dishes university secrets and tips
Insights on beginning a career, overcoming obstacles and taking risks from the authors of “Kickstart: How Successful Canadians Got Started”


How to get textbooks cheap

Why pay $150 when you can get textbooks for free?

The 50 best ways to grow your money

The eight commandments
Handling your debt wish
The consummate consumer
The best insurance
Bring it home
Pay less tax
Invest like a pro
Retire well
All in the family

10 laws of building wealth

Know the enemy
Talk to yourself
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Don’t be too smart
Get over it
Know your edge
Be scattered
Sweat the small stuff
Live like a couch potato
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