Maclean's on the Hill: Inside the Senate showdown

The Maclean's Ottawa bureau's weekly audio debrief on all things #cdnpoli


The Trudeau government’s assisted dying legislation is now law after the Senate concedes in its parliamentary showdown with the House of Commons. We speak with Senators on both sides of this controversial debate.

The House of Commons approved a bill this week that changes the lyrics to our national anthem, making O Canada gender neutral. We hear from MPs about the new lyrics and fulfilling the wish of a dying colleague

Imagine having your name on an ISIS kill list but not being told about it until a reporter calls you for an interview. That’s what happened with one woman, who is alarmed police didn’t notify her about the threat. We get to the bottom of this matter with Maclean’s writer Nikki Wiart.

And sticking with the issue of terrorism, is ISIS committing genocide? For weeks the Trudeau government had been avoiding that term, prompting questions and criticisms from the opposition. This week though the government changed its tune after a report from the UN. We hear from an expert on when it’s appropriate for governments to start using the word genocide.

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