The Bibliopod: What makes a ‘buzz book,’ and a Massey preview

This week on Maclean’s books podcast: What buzz looks like for the books industry in 2015. Plus: an interview with historian Margaret MacMillan


This week on The Bibliopod, Maclean’s podcast about books:

Anne Kingston and Brian Bethune discuss the buzzy books and what undergirds them. In this age of social media, do we still need reviews to lead us the right way? To help us with the conversation, we invited Phyllis Bruce, the editor of a self-titled imprint within Simon and Schuster, to give insider insight on what publishers get out of buzz and how it gets generated.

Also: esteemed historian Margaret MacMillan, who is set to deliver the 2015 Massey Lecture. She talks about whether key-seeming individuals are truly important to the course of history, the philosopher Michel de Montaigne, and her interest in women through history.

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