The Thrill: Dave Chappelle, Polaris Prize, and Minions

On this episode of our pop-culture podcast, we talk to Just for Laughs Montreal organizers about Dave Chappelle, break down the Polaris shortlist, and more

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This week, on Maclean’s pop-culture podcast—hosted by Adrian Lee, Emma Teitel and Julia De Laurentiis Johnson—we talk to the coordinators both past and present of the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal, the city that gave comedy legend Dave Chappelle an opportunity when his career was beginning and, again in 2013, when he was starting his comeback. They discuss what discovering Chappelle was like, why he’s still important, and why there’s still a myth surrounding him. Then, we break down the shortlist of the 2015 Polaris Prize, Canada’s most interesting music award. We’re joined by Polaris juror Michael Barclay to talk about what it’s like in the back room deciding the award-winner, and we handicap the 10 finalists. Finally, Emma and Adrian face off over the summer’s cutest movie, the Despicable Me spinoff Minions. Can a movie about sidekicks hold up when they’re the stars?

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