A list of Canadians who have won the Nobel Prize

Here is a list of Canadians who have won the Nobel Prize:

1923: Frederick G. Banting, Medicine

1949: William F. Giauque, Chemistry

1957: Lester Bowles Pearson, Peace Prize

1966: Charles B. Huggins, Medicine

1976: Saul Bellow, Literature

1981: David H. Hubel, Medicine

1983: Henry Taube, Chemistry

1989: Sidney Altman, Chemistry

1990: Richard E. Taylor, Physics

1992: Rudolph A. Marcus, Chemistry

1994: Bertram N. Brockhouse, Physics

1996: William Vickrey, Economic Sciences

1997: Myron S. Scholes, Economic Sciences

1999: Robert A. Mundell, Economic Sciences

2009: Willard S. Boyle, Physics

2011: Ralph M. Steinman, Medicine

2013: Alice Munro, Literature


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