A bit old for bumper cars, aren’t you?

Police blotter

A bit old for bumper cars, aren't you?
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New Brunswick: A drunk high school student was chased down and arrested after allegedly stealing a CPR kit from a police car that was parked at the RCMP headquarters in Moncton. The 19-year-old, already under an order not to drink, was charged with stealing as well as breaching an undertaking to the court.

Ontario: A driver flipped his truck, which was carrying 18,000 kg of tomatoes, on a ramp linking two major Toronto-area highways. It took hours to remove the produce from the pavement and the truck, ruining rush hour for commuters. The driver was charged with careless driving.

Manitoba: A Winnipeg man was caught at a Royal Canadian Legion allegedly pretending to be the commander of the local RCMP detachment in East St. Paul. A search of his home reportedly turned up a police uniform. The RCMP says he has never been associated with the force. He’s facing charges for impersonating a peace officer.

Alberta: On a routine patrol of a Calgary mall in the early morning of Nov. 2, police came across what they described as a makeshift “demolition derby” using stolen vehicles. Three men were allegedly racing around the mall parking lot, smashing into each others’ vehicles. Police say that one suspect almost ran down one of the officers, who was chasing the two other youths who’d abandoned their vehicles. All three were arrested.

British Columbia: A woman is facing what authorities call the first immigration-related bigamy charge. She allegedly married two men in the Greater Vancouver Area even though she was already married to a third man. Then she reportedly tried to sponsor those two foreign nationals for permanent residency in Canada. She has been charged with two counts of bigamy and two more counts of knowingly misrepresenting or withholding material facts under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.