An off day for a royal wedding?

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An off day for a royal wedding?

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Atlantic Canada: Despite having a higher than average interest in the British royal family, compared to most Canadians, Atlantic Canadians are the least likely to agree (19 per cent) that the April 29 wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is worthy of a national holiday. On average, 27 per cent of Canadians think they should get the day off to celebrate.

Quebec: Nearly every Canadian (98 per cent) believes that drinking and driving is “unacceptable.” But in the past year, nearly one in four people drove a car at least once despite believing their blood-alcohol level was close to, or above, the legal limit (28 per cent said they drove after having one drink). Four per cent of Quebecers said they got behind the wheel “fairly often” when their levels were above or close to the legal limit.

Ontario: When it comes to security at airports, 10 per cent of Ontarians think that screenings are too much of a “personal sacrifice.” Albertans (13 per cent) are the most adamantly against the screenings.

Manitoba and Saskatchewan: Consumer confidence is highest on the Prairies (88.3 per cent). The national average was dragged down by British Columbians, who are the least confident (78.4).

Alberta: Albertans are the least likely to support (48 per cent) legalizing euthanasia (the national average is 63 per cent). Quebecers, at 78 per cent, are most likely to support doctor-assisted suicide.

British Columbia: Twenty-nine per cent of British Columbians say balancing the books should be the federal government’s top priority in its upcoming budget. That was also the No. 1 pick among those in Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The most popular choice in Ontario is job creation; in Atlantic Canada it’s health care.

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