Sherman family lawyer offers update on private murder investigation

Brian Greenspan holds a news conference with updates on a private investigation conducted after Barry and Honey’s double murder

It’s been several months since Toronto police have offered any update on the ongoing murder investigation of billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman, who were found dead in their Toronto homes last December, strangled to death. In January, police offered few decisive details, but did give a sense of the massive scope of the investigation.

Today at 2 p.m., a lawyer for the Sherman family, Brian Greenspan, hosted a news conference at the headquarters of the pharmaceutical company once headed by Barry, Apotex. On the agenda: an update on a private investigation into the Shermans’ deaths.

In April, Maclean’s senior writers Anne Kingston and Michael Friscolanti dug into the life of the Shermans, beloved philanthropists who lived amid feuding family members, endless lawsuits and claims of corporate espionage:

A hard-nosed strategic genius who built Canada’s largest pharmaceutical company, Sherman also conducted business with known criminals. He’d generously bail out someone in need—but often with a longer, self-interested view. He was a billionaire driven to litigation less by money than something more primal: a sense of righteous certitude that propelled him to prevail at any cost.

Read the rest of that investigation here.

Watch the January police update on the Sherman murders

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