Canada 148: Share your videos of what it feels like to be Canadian

Send us your GoPro videos capturing what it feels like to be Canadian for our special Canada Day project
Oliver Furrer/Getty Images
Oliver Furrer/Getty Images

To celebrate Canada’s 148th birthday, we’re collecting 148 unique moments from across the country. ‘What it feels like to be Canadian’ is a video series shot on GoPro cameras, showcasing the beauty, excitement and adventure of our great nation. Send us a link to your videos and show us what it feels like to be Canadian.

We need videos shot with a point of view, so, ‘What it feels like to canoe down the Rideau Canal’ or ‘What it feels like to get caught in a prairie hailstorm’ or ‘What it feels like to skate on Lake Louise.’ The videos will be distinctively Canadian, but we hope they will also be unique to your city or region—or capture special characteristics of the many cultures that comprise our country.

Making a video is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Dream up a great idea to share with Canadians all across the nation.

2. Strap on your GoPro, making sure the camera is set to 1080 (or bigger), 24fps

3. Upload your footage to YouTube, Vimeo or your preferred service and email us a link at [email protected]. We’d love to see it!

Deadline for submissions: June 1, 2015

If your video is selected, it will share the screen with iconic Canadian bands, cultural legends, sports champions and political leaders.