Privacy, pot, premiers, pro hockey and polls

Roundup of polls reveals what’s on the mind of Canadians
Scaachi Koul

Roundup of polls reveals what’s on the mind of Canadians:

British Columbia: A majority of B.C. residents are ready to share their health care information—so long as it’s depersonalized. An Angus Reid survey says that 77 per cent of British Columbians would share their health care data to help medical research if it stays anonymous and protects their privacy. Sixty-six per cent believe the information would save money within the health care system.

Saskatchewan: Saskatchewan’s premier comes out on top in what seems to be a highly uncompetitive race. Polling by Angus Reid shows Premier Brad Wall boasts the highest approval rating of provincial leaders at 67 per cent. Just behind him is Alberta’s premier, Alison Redford, with approval from 60 per cent of Albertans. They are the only premiers in the country with ratings above 50 per cent.

Manitoba: Fewer Manitoba high schoolers are lighting up, according to Health Canada’s Youth Smoking Survey. Among students in grades 10 to 12, 8.8 per cent reported being current smokers in 2010-2011. That’s down from the 12.1 per cent of smokers in 2008-09. The survey also showed that 1.7 per cent of children in grades 6 to 9 smoke.

Quebec: Quebecor boss Pierre Karl Péladeau is looking to buy and relocate an NHL franchise to Quebec City, and a fraction of the country is on board with the plan. A Forum Research survey found that 29 per cent of Canadians want an NHL team in Quebec City. Halifax and Hamilton each received 13 per cent support from those polled.

Nova Scotia: Of all Atlantic Canadians, Nova Scotians are most likely to support the legalization of both marijuana and brothels. A survey by Corporate Research Associates found 49 per cent in Nova Scotia are in favour of decriminalizing the drug, while 53 per cent in New Brunswick are opposed. Likewise 34 per cent in Nova Scotia are fine with legalizing prostitution, compared to 24 per cent in New Brunswick, Newfoundland and P.E.I.