CityNews reporter fights back against hecklers

'What would your mothers think?' reporter asks aggressors

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TORONTO — A Toronto reporter is setting social media abuzz by fighting back against a controversial trend that sees men hurling obscenities at female journalists on the job.

Shauna Hunt of CityNews was the latest woman to be heckled by a group of men shouting sexually explicit comments into her microphone as she tried to cover a local soccer game.

But Hunt decided to confront the aggressors, and the video depicting the confrontation has gone viral.

Hunt asks the men what could possibly motivate them to taunt women in this way and demanded to know what their mothers would think of their conduct.

The men can be heard dismissing her questions and saying their mothers would have found the so-called prank funny.

The trend, which has been playing out in cities across Canada and the United States for more than a year, has been publicly condemned by two Canadian police forces and Ontario’s premier. Police in Calgary and Toronto have said future hecklers could face criminal charges, while Kathleen Wynne sent out a tweet speaking out against workplace sexual harassment.

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