‘In all this darkness, a light has shone through’ – Humboldt Broncos president’s vigil speech

Kevin Garinger: ‘This light has come from people across this globe, reaching out to offer condolences, and to share a truly staggering level of generosity and support.’

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Kevin Garinger, President of the Humboldt Broncos, speaks during a vigil at the Elgar Petersen Arena, home of the Humboldt Broncos, to honour the victims of a fatal bus accident in Humboldt, Sask. on Sunday, April 8, 2018. (Jonathan Hayward/CP)

On Sunday night the community of Humboldt, Sask. held a vigil for those injured and killed in Friday’s bus crash, which claimed the lives of 15 people. This is what Humboldt Broncos team president Kevin Garinger said:

We are gathered in a state of shock, and unthinkable heartache. This tragedy has devastated our families, our Humboldt Broncoes organization, our community, Saskatchewan, Canada, and our world.

For many of us, the real reach and scope of this community tragedy will not be fully realized for days, or weeks, or months or even years, as we continue to process everything that has taken place over these last days.

But in all this darkness, a light has shone through. This light has come from the first responders and the medical professionals who have worked miracles and continue to work miracles for those members of our Broncos family.

It comes from the remarkable community of Humboldt, and the countless communities across our province and country, as people come together to offer their strength, their time and their kindness. And they do this while they’re working through their own grief.

This light has come from people across this globe, reaching out to offer condolences, and to share a truly staggering level of generosity and support.

And this light will only grow in time. And in time, the darkness will be less.

We are so greatful to the members of our extended hockey family, to our Saskatchewan and Canadian brothers and sisters, for their support. Countless partner organizations, companies, sports teams, television personalities, politicians and more have reached out, directly and indirectly, to offer their support.

To everyone who has shared a message of condolence, to everyone who has called, or emailed, or posted online to show their support, we hear you, and we feel your love.

I cannot put into words how much this has meant to us.

I want to say to all the Humboldt Broncos families, billets, coaching staff, teammates, classmates, teachers, friends, community members—not one of us is alone in our grief.

Continue to reach out. Reach out to one another for help and support.

Across our region, our province, our country and our globe we will find strength in one another.

Today and for everyday forward, we are all Humboldt Broncos, and we will be forever Humboldt Broncos Strong.

We will hold these members, and be grateful to hold these members of the Humboldt Broncos organization and community, in our thoughts and our prayers.

Players Graysen Cameron, Ryan Straschnitzki, Bryce Fiske, Tyler Smith, Kaleb Dahlgren, Matthieu Gomercic, Nick Shumlanski, Derek Patter, Morgan Gobeil, Brayden Camrud, Layne Matechuk, Jacob Wassermann, and our team trainer Dayna Brons.

And though the following are no longer with us, we will cherish their memories, and we will keep them near our hearts forever.

Players Adam Herold, Conner Lukan, Evan Thomas, Jacob Leicht, Jaxon Joseph, Logan Boulet, Logan Hunter, Logan Schatz, Stephen Wack, and our team personnel Bolt FM broadcaster Tyler Bieber, bus driver Glen Doerksen, team statistician Brody Hinz, assistant coach Mark Cross, head coach Darcy Haugan.

They will forever be Humboldt Broncos.

Thank you.

Correction, Monday April 9: On Monday morning the Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice said one of the deceased in Friday’s fatal crash was misidentified. The ministry said the body of Parker Tobin was mistaken for that of Xavier Labelle. Labelle is injured but alive, and Tobin is among the 15 people who died. Their names have been removed from the transcript of Garinger’s speech.


The 2017-2018 Humboldt Broncos Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League team is pictured in this undated handout photo. (Amanda Brochu/Reuters)