Who’s suing whom?

A Nova Scotia man claims Hollywood stole his idea, while a Stratford woman is taking U.S. Customs agents to court

Nova Scotia: Fool’s Gold, the poorly reviewed 2008 flick starring Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson, pulled in more than US$100 million worldwide. Now a writer from Chester is suing Warner Bros. for copyright infringement, claiming the movie was based on his book Fandango’s Gold.

Ontario: A Stratford woman was on her way to her Georgia vacation home when she claims two U.S. Customs agents strip-searched and pawed her at the border before she was fingerprinted and denied admittance. The 46-year-old says in the lawsuit against the border agents that she was singled out for a secondary inspection after she didn’t report she was packing Canadian raspberries.

Manitoba: A woman claims she was permanently disabled at a Blink 182 concert in Winnipeg “when a member of the crowd was dropped, or fell on her, during an incident of crowd surfing.” Her lawyer said that while she knew crowd surfing was a possibility at the August 2009 show, she assumed she’d be safe if she didn’t participate. An arena spokesman wouldn’t comment on the lawsuit.

Alberta: A finger caught in a door is at the centre of a $377,000 suit filed against the Edmonton Catholic elementary school board. A pupil holding the door, reportedly at the teacher’s behest, allegedly slammed it on another boy’s digit. The statement of claim says that student experienced grievous injury and needed medical treatment. The suit says the board was negligent in its supervision. A statement of defence has not been filed.

British Columbia: A Vancouver retiree is suing the owners of a jewellery shop, alleging they still owe him nearly $20,000 for a gold sale. In his notice of claim, the man says he was given a partial payment of $25,000 for a 49-ounce sample of placer gold but never received the final payment. The owners allegedly said the gold had impurities and was only worth the amount already paid.