On Mcsludge and the peril of ‘reply all’

Who’s suing whom around Canada

Nova Scotia: A woman from Hatchet Lake has sued a Halifax hospital and three doctors, claiming medical malpractice led to the loss of her leg in 2011. In her claim, Vickie Lee Morton said she visited the emergency room three times over three days about a foot infection before she was finally diagnosed with pyomyositis, a bacterial infection, which, because it was left untreated, ultimately required the amputation of her leg.

Quebec: While McDonald’s has been charged with clogging arteries in the past, this month the fast-food joint was accused of slowing down an entire city’s sewage system with discarded grease. The city of Dorval has sued a local McDonald’s restaurant, claiming its inadequate drainage system has clogged up city sewers and cost the city $14,185 in cleaning costs.

Ontario: Maria Fernandes, a former employee of Toronto-based Marketforce Inc., is suing for wrongful dismissal after learning via a misdirected email that her bosses might fire her. In her statement of claim, Fernandes says the company’s director of operations hit “reply all” on an email to lawyers discussing her possible termination. Fernandes left her job and, in her court filing, claims she was effectively fired from her $145,000-a-year job.

Alberta: An Edmonton inmate who stomped his cellmate to death in 2011, but was found not criminally responsible, is suing the province for not providing him medical attention. The plaintiff, Justin Somers, was found not guilty of killing Barry Stewart after telling his psychiatrist he thought Stewart was a cannibal. The suit claims $500,000 in damages.

British Columbia: Lillooet’s chief administrator, Grant Loyer, filed a lawsuit against three residents, claiming emails that appeared on the Internet about his handling of several floods exposed him to “contempt, ridicule and hatred.” The suit, which, among others, names former mayor Ted Anchor as a defendant, claims unspecified damages.

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