Police blotter: Pistols, bricks and blue spandex bodysuits

Our roundup of bizarre police reports from across the country

British Columbia: A known B.C. gangster who survived a bomb attack last winter near Whistler was shot dead inside a Starbucks in Mexico last month, according to the RCMP. The man, who had received just superficial burns from the bomb explosion in a motorhome last year, died after being shot twice in the coffee shop of a Mexican tourist town.

Nunavut: The RCMP in Arviat said they shot and wounded a man who was walking around shooting at dogs with a pistol. The police say the man received non-life-threatening injuries while being arrested. The police said the type of gun he was using to target the pooches was the same as one stolen from the community’s RCMP detachment early last month.

Alberta: Police in Moose Jaw had been called to check on a man who had been spotted on the rooftop of an apartment building. They couldn’t find the man at first, but then bricks started flying their way. An unsuccesful negotiation ensued and the man climbed into a chimney, falling four storeys down, only to get stuck at the bottom. He cried out for help and police were able to talk to him through a small vent on the chimney. The man was carrying a small sword when he was eventually arrested.

Ontario: The good guys, it turns out, don’t always wear blue. Police are on the hunt for two bad guys in blue spandex bodysuits—the Morphsuits made famous by the Blue Man Group. The periwinkle pair snatched merchandise from a Strathroy variety store, then bolted; store staff saw no weapons. Police dogs and the local emergency response unit tried to hunt them down, to no avail.

Nova Scotia: A man caught in the act with a woman inside a stall in the men’s washroom at a Halifax lounge pulled out a stun gun in response to an employee’s request that the couple leave. The man fired the gun at the employee. He was eventually overpowered by staff, but managed to spit on a police officer who searched him.